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2021 - PRESENT




At Multipet, I have been instrumental in the collaboration across departments, overseeing the design team's creative endeavors, and collaborating extensively with sales and marketing units to meet the company's diverse needs.

• Design Department Leadership: Spearheading the company's design department and cultivating an overarching aesthetic that aligns with brand values.


• Innovative Packaging and Displays: Pioneering the development of captivating packaging and point-of-sale displays to enhance product visibility and sales.


• Talent Coordination: Orchestrating successful photo-shoots by planning, coordinating, and acquiring top-tier talent to capture the essence of our products.


• Brand Portfolio Management: Expertly managing and nurturing relationships with over 10 private label and licensed brands, ensuring seamless brand representation and growth.


• Product Development Collaboration: Collaborating directly with Product Development to bring forth new product features that meet market demands and drive innovation.


• Print Resource Management: Efficiently obtaining and coordinating with external print resources to maintain high-quality marketing materials and packaging.


• Global Supply Chain Liaison: Facilitating direct communication with overseas factories to ensure packaging and display materials meet international standards.


• Sales Team Partnership: Collaborating closely with the sales team to conceptualize and design new items, driving business expansion through innovative product offerings.


• Copywriting: Providing occasional copywriting support to craft compelling product narratives.


• Effective Team Management: Successfully managing a small creative team, fostering a culture of creativity, collaboration, and excellence.packaging and point-of-sale displays


private labels: Luvsome (Kroger), Vibrant Life (Walmart), Companion (Stop & Shop), Pet Envy, Catit, Made by Nacho (Bobby Flay), Play On (Pet Supplies Plus), Pawtown (Rite Aid), Thrifty (Rite Aid)

licenses: Margaritaville, Sonic the Hedgehog, Paul Frank, Chicken Run, Lambchop, Bowzer Meowzer, Gumby, Teletubies, Paddington the Bear, Mr. Bill


Under Armour ASsociation/ High Major Sports


As part of a dynamic Graphics team, I played a pivotal role in harnessing the power of visual storytelling for Social Media UAA. Collaborating closely with photographers and videographers, my responsibilities included:


• Real-time Content Creation: Operating within a fast-paced environment, I collaborated seamlessly with photographers and videographers to swiftly download, edit, and retouch visuals, ensuring the timely delivery of captivating content.


• Social Media Graphics: Focusing on Instagram, I leveraged graphics and type treatments to craft engaging posts that highlighted top players, games, and event features, fostering a strong brand presence and audience engagement.


ontel products


Senior Graphic Designer with nearly seven years of dedicated service at OnTel, a renowned leader in the As Seen on TV industry. My tenure at OnTel has been marked by a diverse range of creative responsibilities, including:


• Packaging Artistry and Die-Line Expertise: Crafting captivating packaging designs while mastering the intricacies of die-line structures to ensure product integrity and market appeal.


• Retail Display Mastery: Proficiency in creating and optimizing various retail displays, including PDQs, floor stands, pallets, and end caps, to maximize product visibility and sales.


• Photo-Shoot Leadership: Leading end-to-end photo-shoot processes, from meticulous planning and shot sheet preparation to on-set direction, resulting in visually stunning product representations.


• Clamshell Color Cards and Hang Tags: Skillfully designing eye-catching clamshell color cards and hang tags that enhance product presentation and customer engagement.


• Image Enhancement: Leveraging photo-retouching and clipping path techniques to elevate product images, ensuring they meet the highest quality standards.


• Comprehensive Design Management: Successfully managing both in-house and external design resources to maintain consistency and excellence across creative projects.


• Sales Collateral Development: Crafting compelling sales materials, including renderings and sell sheets, to support the sales team in effectively conveying product value to clients and partners.


My extensive experience in the fast-paced world of As Seen on TV product marketing, combined with a strong command of design principles and an unwavering commitment to quality, positions me as a creative force ready to contribute effectively to any design-oriented team.



Responsible for any and all art materials produced by the company during my time at NewWebDesign. This included but was not limited to, websites (uncoded), business cards, brochures, and other stationery material. 




Apparel Design. Creating vector art for heat pressed iron ons and screen printing. Optimized images for Amazon and team sites. 

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